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10.12.2018 10:00 - 17:00

Workshop pro lektory – House of Europe

Goethe-Institut a British Council představí za účasti Českého centra v Kyjevě workshop pro lektory EUNIC Cluster Meeting – House of Europe.

Date: Monday, 10 December 2018

Time: 10:30-15:45 (16:00-17:00 EUNIC Cluster Meeting)

Place: GI Kiev, Voloska St, 12/4, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04070 

Participants :
Beate Köhler (Director GI Kiev)

Antonia Blau (Head of EU office, GI Brussels)

Simone Rudolf (European Projects, GI Brussels)

Simon Williams (Director BC Kiev)

Celine Metel (Director IF Kiev),

Lucie Rehorikova (Director Czech Center Kiev)

Dejana Razicilic (Ghostwriter)



10:30-10:45         State of Play: Where are we? Where do we want to go?


10:45-13:30         TOP 1: Activities                           

Summary of current proposal, organization in work packages

Distinction between supply and demand driven projects and clear division of culture related activities between A and B (e.g. residencies)

Roles and responsibilities of consortium members

Numbers: How many calls? How many mobilities? How many beneficiaries?

Challenges or risks and how to mitigate them


13:30-14:00         LUNCH


14:00-14:30         TOP 2: Timeline

                               Inception phase

                               Details for first 12 months


14:30-15:00         TOP 3: Budget

                               General distribution of the budget



15:00-15:15         Coffee break


15:15-16:00         TOP 4: Project office, project management and quality control

Roles and responsibilities of the consortium members

Organizational structure

Discussion on potential project director

Exchange on potential team members


16:00-16:30         TOP 5: Logframe


16:30-17:00         Next steps

Organisation of work ahead

Communication channels


Místo konání:

Ivana Fedorova 12
01030 Kyjev


10.12.2018 10:00 - 17:00


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