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Maidan - European Debate Club

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Maidan - European Debate Club

Dear friends: as a wise man would put it: we believe empathy is the most essential quality of civilization.

Yesterday we launched a project called: Maidan: A Central European Debate Club. It is a Kyiv-based debate club, where, once a month, guests from Central Europe meet to discuss the direction in which this unique, often rightfully contested and ironized geopolitical space is headed.

The word ‘maidan’, which goes hand in hand with the revolution in Ukraine, is an appropriate association. Its meaning goes deeper, though – it is also a more general term (from Arabic and Persian) designating an open space for discussion. The television debate show aims to honour all these connotations.

It will provide a space for thinking out loud about our world, open to those who acknowledge not only the joint roots of our civilizations, but who are (primarily) not indifferent to its future. The space will provide a background for the critical formation of postulates in Central Europe.

Through cooperation with broadcasting companies in the participating countries, we have obtained access to good distribution channels and, subsequently, to the public in Poland, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Czech Republic; (we are targeting especially Hungary, Austria, Germany, Slovenia…). Let us all wish good luck!

Lucie Řehoříková




Mustafa Džemilev

 Oksana Zabuzhko (Оксана Забужко), Andrej Khadanovich

Jaromír Štětina, člen EPP frakce Evropského parlamentu

Stefan Hrib, Jaromír Štětina, člen EPP frakce Evropského parlamentu

 Andrej Khadanovich

Andrej Khadanovich, Stefan Hrib

Stefan Hrib, Volodymyr Yermolenko

 photographer Alexey Furman









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